About our business

Menu Workshop is subscription service for ready made, ingredient optimized gourmet menus. You no longer need to invest in services of professional chefs. Just subscribe and get periodically fresh professionally build menus ready to be customized for your business.

Who is this service for

  • Coffee shops
  • Bars
  • Small restaurants
  • Hostels
  • Small hotels
  • Event organizers

What do you get

  • Ingredient optimized gourmet menus covering wide variety of dietary preferences
  • Step-by-step video preparation instructions
  • Step-by-step decoration instructions
  • How to pick best ingredients
  • How to store the ingredients the longest
  • Over hundred customizable menu layouts
  • Access to extensive network of suppliers of ingredients and restaurant/bar equipment
  • Job listing board
  • Custom menu template*
  • Exclusive menu*

* Only for specific subscription tiers

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Subscription tiers